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Tapestry (Scientific Visualization as a Microservice)

Powered by Intel Rendering Framework

Tapestry is a platform for creating lightweight, web-based volume rendering applications at scale, for many users.



Run ./ depend to fetch and install the Tapestry submodules.

Running ./ build will then build and install the Tapestry Docker image. You can use -j to specify the number of processes for building. Use -m to minify the Javascript internally.

Running the example

  • To run the example, first download the data, the configurations, and the example app using ./ examples
  • Second, run ./ run -c examples/configs/ -d examples/data -a examples/app
  • Third, navigate to in your browser
  • provides all of the management scripts needed for building and running. Run ./ -h for more options
  • Since Tapestry uses Docker Swarm, to kill the running service, run docker service rm tapestry


To use Tapestry with your own page and datasets, you will need three things:

  1. A directory with your datasets (currently, Tapestry supports raw single variable binary as well as NetCDF files)
  2. A directory with one or more configuration files that point to the data. You can use the provided examples above as a starting point
  3. An index.html with hyperimage and optionally, hyperaction tags

You can provide additional Tapestry options by editing tapestry/enchiladas/src/js/main.js after doing an initial build. You would also need to rebuild the image after any edits.

If you use Tapestry, please cite one or both of these two papers:

  title={Scientific Visualization as a Microservice},
  author={Raji, Mohammad and Hota, Alok and Hobson, Tanner and Huang, Jian},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics},

@INPROCEEDINGS {Tapestry2017,
    author    = "M. Raji and A. Hota and J. Huang",
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    year      = "2017",
    pages     = "45-54",
    month     = "Oct",
    doi       = "10.1109/LDAV.2017.8231850"

More documentation can be found in the wiki.


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