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Welcome to the raspipool wiki! Here its exposed all instructions for build a powerful automation system for swimming-pool maintenance.


The automation for a swimming-pool is something reserved to top-of-the-range systems. Here you can find a cost-effective, simple but powerful automation-system that you can build by yourself with a little time and effort.

Not only home things can be automated. Indeed, a swimming-pool is something where automation reports incomparable benefits in time, money and ecology.

The main objective is to build a super-modular system that allows controlling the peripherals as simple (and cheap) as possible, transferring all intelligence to a raspberry pi controling all what happens in the pool.

We often see lots of equipment that is responsible for two or more tasks, more or less autonomously (saline chlorinators that control pH, intellegent pumps that control filtering and other equipment, smart peristaltic pumps with time control or probe connection, etc.). This equipment only partial resolve main automation tasks and dont allow any type of expansion or improvement. This project propose that the peripheral be as stupid (and cheap) as possible, dedicating himself ONLY to his main task. A pump: only filter when told, a saline chlorinator: create chlorine when told, a peristaltic pump, inject when told, ...

There are also very modular (and usually quite expensive) professional systems that share this same perspective, but they often have the problem of forcing all components of the same brand to be purchased. If you have already made a strong investment in equipment of this type, this project is probably not for you.


A quick diagram of what would involve the raspipool project in a pool without automation... Before and after... Basically, you need a bypass PVC tube with the sensors, a peristaltic pumps to inject liquids to regulate chemical parameters, and a box with a raspberry pi, that runs all this code, responsible of all automation, monitoring and control. This wiki contains all instructions to build all this parts.



Here some screenshots (some outdated) to quickly get an idea of ​​what the project is about...

Main control page

History page

Chemical page

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