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Black Girl Hero Game Sprite

In the process of preparing to help teach a course on game development for Black Girls Code, I went in search of a sprite of a Black girl for the hero character. After searching several sprite sites, I found none. So, I hired a designer to create one.

What you need to know

  • You are free to use this art! These images are offered under an MIT license, so go to town!
  • There is a hero and a baddie both with and without grounding shadows.
  • The hero is centered in a frame that’s 69x92px. The baddie’s is 59x68px.
  • The hero has 4 states: left, down, right, up. The baddie has 2 states: eye open, eye closed.

Here is a demo with the art in place in a simple game based on work by Catt Small. See the characters with grounding shadows by appending ?shadows to the URL.


Hero without grounding shadow Hero with grounding shadow


Baddie without grounding shadow Baddie with grounding shadow