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                            A window manager for X11
                     By Mattis Michel <>

  matwm2 is a simple window manager for X11.
  It features window frames with titlebar and buttons, configurable key
  bindings and mouse buttons, support for EWMH and motif hints,
  focus-follows-mouse and click-to-focus focus models, virtual desktops, Xft
  fonts and xinerama support.

  It is written in C, it is mostly valid ISO C90 but uses several libc functions
  and system calls not specified by the ISO C90 standard (setenv(), waitpid(),
  and either vfork() or fork() (these are specified by the POSIX.1-2001	standard
	) - forgive me if i forgot one).

  To compile matwm you need an implementation of sh that can run my configure
  script, pkg-config, Xlib, a working C compiler that and whatever
  implementation of libc that provides all of the functions matwm needs.

  matwm2 has been succesfully compiled and tested on FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD,
  DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, Interix, Minix and OpenSolaris (For FreeBSD and Linux
  it has been tested on both x86 and x86_64 architecture and it has also been
  reported to work on 32-bit PowerPC Linux, all other operating systems were
  tested on x86. For x86_64 FreeBSD both the clang and gcc compiler have been
  tested, for x86 Linux both gcc and tcc have been tested, on minix only ACK
  was testedand for other platforms only gcc was tested yet). If you have
  succesfully compiled and ran it on another operating system (or with another
  compiler) or have problems getting it to work on your system let me know.

  The latest version can be found on
  Recent versions of matwm2 are distributed under the MIT licence, wich can be
  found in the LICENCE file that schould be included with your copy of matwm2.

  Considering that you found this file, we assumed you already aquired a copy of
  matwm2, and extracted the tarball.
  Typically the first step in installation will be to run (from whitin the
  directory containing the matwm2 source code - wich includes this file)
  "./configure", or "./configure --help" to see what options can be set for the
  configure script.
  This script will attempt to generate a Makefile suitable to compile and
  install matwm2 on your system, then summarize the information aquired to
  accomplish this - if you do not agree with these values, refer to the output
  of "./configure --help" for instructions on how to override them.
  On minix (and perhaps other operating systems) you will need to add the
  following arguments: "--disable-vfork" and "--defines=-D_POSIX_SOURCE".
  The next step will be to run "make" wich will then attempt to compile matwm,
  and if all that went well you can then run "make install" (typically this has
  to be done as root, unless you are installing to a prefix whitin the user's
  home directory) to install matwm2.

For further information and before using matwm2, refer to the man page (run
"man matwm2" after install).
Send comments, suggestions and bugs to Mattis Michel <>.
Many thanks to Kirn Gill and Matthew Turner for bug reports, suggestions and patches.


matwm2 - a simplistic overlapping X11 window manager for POSIX systems.







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