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 1. Overview
 2. System Requirements
 3. Notes



PsyMP3 is a simplistic audio media player with a flashy Fourier transform.
PsyMP3 2.x is a radical departure from the code of the 1.x series. Whereas
1.x was written in FreeBASIC, 2.x is written in C++, and is portable!

The "2-CURRENT" version tag represents the "bleeding edge" of development.
End users shouldn't be using this; please use the last version tagged as
-RELEASE. -CURRENT means "This is what I am working on, in whatever state
it happens to be in, complete or not."

You can reach me at <>.


   Windows NT:
	NT 4.0 for i386 or later, Windows 2000 recommended.
	Minimum CPU isn't known currently, 1GHz Pentium III is my current guess
	64MB of RAM
	DirectDraw-accelerated drivers help.
	(Note: Itanium not officially supported due to poor WOW64 emulator performance.)

   Windows x64:
    Windows XP Professional x64 Service Pack 2 or later, Windows 7 recommended.
    Any CPU compatible with your OS
    96MB of RAM

   Linux, *BSD, Solaris:
	glibc-2.3 or later, FreeBSD 6, NetBSD 4, or OpenBSD 3.5 or later recommended.
	Older releases may or may not work; please email your results!
	X11 is recommended, or an SDL compiled to use some other graphics output.
	POSIX threads. On Linux, NTPL is recommended (requires kernel 2.6.9 or later)
	The following dependencies are required:
	 SDL 1.2.13 or later
	 mpg123-1.8 or later
	 taglib-1.6 or later
     libvisual-0.4 or later
     FreeType 2.4 or later
     SDL_ttf 1.2 or later
     SDL_gfx 2.0 or later
     zlib-1.2.3 or later

   Mac OS X:
	Not officially supported, but building the dependencies for Linux/BSD with MacPorts might work.


Pass the paths to the MP3s or Ogg Vorbis files to be played as program arguments.
Audio files will be played in the order they are passed on the command line.
All user interaction, aside from clicking the 'close' button for the window, is done via the keyboard.

Keys and what they do:
  * ESC and Q: Quit PsyMP3.
  * Space: Pause (or resume) playback.
  * R: Restart the current track from the beginning
  * N: Seek to the next track.
  * P: Seek to the previous track.


At this time, PsyMP3 2.x is incomplete. There's very little UI code, and most
features are missing at this time. If you are a developer, and are interested
in helping me, please email me above.

If you are an end user and you don't like this program, feel free to use
something else, and check back later for improvements

Unicode ID3 tags are supported. Please replace the included 'vera.ttf' with a different
font file containing the Unicode glpyhs you desire. Advanced text layout is not supported
(e.g. connected Arabic characters.)