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A jazzy skin for the Django Admin-Interface (official repository).
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Django Grappelli

A jazzy skin for the Django admin interface.

Grappelli is a grid-based alternative/extension to the Django administration interface.





Grappelli is always developed against the latest stable Django release and is NOT tested with Django's master branch.

  • Grappelli 2.14.2 (May 14th, 2020): Compatible with Django 3.0
  • Grappelli 2.13.4 (February 10th, 2020): Compatible with Django 2.2 (LTS)
  • Grappelli 2.10.4 (November 1st, 2018): Compatible with Django 1.11 (LTS)

Current development branches:

  • Grappelli 2.14.3 (Development version for Django 3.0, see branch Stable/2.14.x)
  • Grappelli 2.13.5 (Development version for Django 2.2, see branch Stable/2.13.x)
  • Grappelli 2.10.5 (Development version for Django 1.11, see branch Stable/2.10.x)

Older versions are available at GitHub, but are not supported anymore.

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