A python binding of Dart, an open source simulation package
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  • News!
  • [2016/09/24] PyDART2 now supports both Python2 and Python3.
  • [2016/08/05] PyDART is upgraded to PyDART2, for easier installation and richer APIs.

====== PyDART2 is an open source python binding of DART, an open source physics simulator. Its APIs are designed to provide concise and powerful control on DART physics worlds. Further, a user can write simulations with a numerous python scientific libraries, such as NumPy(linear algebra), SciPy(optimization), scikit-learn (machine learning), PyBrain(machine learning), and so on.




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Please contact me when you have questions or suggestions: sehoon.ha@gmail.com Note: I am much more responsive for emails than pull-requests!