A website to present and share my paper on the history of sociobiology (JHB, 2018)
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The Development of Sociobiology in Relation to Animal Behavior Studies, 1946–1975

In this repo, You can find the source material for the website presenting the free version of the paper, which is th pre-proofread version, in html and pdf versions.

Note: the last part of the url (10.1007/s10739-017-9491-x/) corresponds to the doi of the paper, where:

  • 10.1007 is the unique identifier of the journal where the paper is published

  • s10739-017-9491-x is the unique identifier of the paper itself, within the journal

This paper is published in the Journal of the History of Biology in 2018.

→ Link to the journal version (paywalled, need $$$): https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10739-017-9491-x

by Clément Levallois, Associate Professor at emlyon business school.