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Steam trading for Node.js

Allows you to automate Steam trading in Node.js.


npm install steam-trade


First, instantiate a SteamTrade object:

var SteamTrade = require('steam-trade');
var steamTrade = new SteamTrade();

Before you use it, make sure it has the necessary session information. See sessionID and setCookie.

Unless specified otherwise, callbacks receive the parsed JSON response from Steam as the first argument (res in this example). You can use it for error checking: if something went wrong, res.success will be false and res.error should be a human-readable string.



Must match the value of the "sessionid" cookie.


An array of the other party's offered items. The order of items in the array corresponds to their order in the trade window, but empty spaces are not preserved.


Your trade partner's SteamID if a trade is ongoing or was interrupted (see 'error' event), otherwise a falsy value.



Sets a cookie that must be in the "name=value" form. SteamTrade needs the "steamLogin" and "sessionid" cookies to operate. You can either log into manually, or, if using node-steam, use the WebAPI's AuthenticateUser method.

loadInventory(appid, contextid, callback)

Loads your inventory for the given app and context. For example, use 440 and 2 for TF2, or 570 and 2 for Dota 2. The specified inventory must already exist for this account, use getContexts if you need to check it at runtime. The first argument to callback will be an array of item objects in case of success, otherwise a falsy value. Failure implies that your cookie has expired (see 'error' event).


Gets the list of available contexts. The first argument to callback will be the g_rgAppContextData object extracted from the trading page (its structure can be more easily understood from a look at it rather from a description) in case of success, otherwise a falsy value. Failure implies that your cookie has expired (see 'error' event).

open(steamID, [callback])

Initializes a trade with the specified SteamID. The trade handshake must have completed at this point - in node-steam, listen for a sessionStarted event. Don't use any other methods until you've opened a trade. Use callback if you want to add some items immediately after opening the trade.

addItem(item, [callback])

Adds the specified item from your inventory. If the item is stackable (Spiral Knights crap), it will add the whole available amount. If you want to add a certain amount, modify the item's amount property.

Readying won't work if any of your added items' callbacks haven't fired yet. If you are adding multiple items, async.each or might be useful.

addItems(items, [callback])

Deprecated: use addItem instead.

Adds the specified items from your inventory. items must be an array. callback will be called once all the items have been added. It will be provided an array of responses - one for each added item, in the same order.

removeItem(item, [callback])

Removes a single item from the trade.


Presses the big blue "ready" button. Again, use the callback if you want to confirm as well.


Unpresses the "ready" button.


Presses the big green "Make Trade" button. Will silently fail if either side is not ready.


Cancels the trade. Stops polling if succeeds, so no 'end' event will be emitted.

chatMsg(msg, [callback])

Sends a trade chat message.



  • e - an Error object

node-steam-trade has received a bad response while polling, assumed that your cookie has expired, and stopped polling. A possible cause is that you logged into this account from a browser on another computer.

Refresh your web session, call setCookie with the new cookies, then resume polling by reopening the trade (just call and the existing trade will continue).


  • 'complete', 'empty' (no items on either side), 'cancelled', 'timeout', 'failed' or 'pending' (trade turned into a trade offer)
  • in case of 'complete', a getItems function; in case of 'pending', trade offer ID

Trade is closed. If you want to get the list of received items, call getItems with a callback. The first argument to the callback will be an array of items in case of success, otherwise a falsy value. Failure implies that your cookie has expired (see 'error' event).

trade.on('end', function(status, getItems) {
  if (status == 'complete') {
    getItems(function(items) {


  • true if an item was added, false if removed
  • the item object

The themAssets property will be updated on the next tick.


The other side has pressed the big blue "ready" button.


The other side has changed their mind.


They said something in the trade chat.


Node.js wrapper around Steam trading


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