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executable file 21 lines (20 sloc) 3.23 KB SeleniumBase Features:

  • A complete test automation framework for building & running reliable testing scripts.
  • Uses Pytest and Nose runners for test discovery, organization, execution, and logging.
  • Includes console scripts that save you time by installing web drivers automatically, etc.
  • Includes a website tour builder for creating and running walkthroughs on any website.
  • Works on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and Docker.
  • Uses a flexible command-line interface to customize & configure test runs.
  • Has Python libraries for helping you do more with Selenium-WebDriver.
  • Has Plugins for logging data and screenshots automatically. (Click to learn more)
  • Uses a global config file for configuring SeleniumBase to your specific needs.
  • Backwards-compatible with WebDriver. (Use self.driver anywhere.)
  • Can run tests through a proxy server. (Use --proxy=IP_ADDRESS:PORT)
  • Can use an authenticated proxy server. (--proxy=USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP_ADDRESS:PORT)
  • Can handle Google Authenticator logins by using the Python one-time password library.
  • Includes a hybrid-automation solution called MasterQA to speed up manual testing.
  • Includes integrations with MySQL, Selenium Grid, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, and NodeJS.
  • Includes a tool to convert Selenium IDE recordings into clean, robust SeleniumBase scripts.
  • Written in Python, but can also make JavaScript calls using self.execute_script().
  • Includes useful Python decorators and password obfuscation methods. (Learn more here)