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semantic-release plugin to publish Atom packages with with apm.

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Step Description
verifyConditions Verify the presence of the ATOM_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable and the apm CLI.
prepare Update the package.json version with npm version.
publish Publish the Atom package.


$ npm install @semantic-release/apm -D


The plugin can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

  "plugins": [


Apm installation

The plugin uses the apm CLI which has to be installed in your CI environment and available in the PATH.

See the Atom Package CI Scripts documentation to install apm in your CI.

Note: If you are running multiple versions of Atom in CI (for example, Stable and Beta), ensure that the semantic-release command is run on a build using the Stable channel of Atom as the Beta channel builds only provide apm-beta. If you are using travis-deploy-once this can be achieved by setting the Stable channel build to be the last build to run, or by using the buildLeaderId option.

Atom authentication

The Atom authentication configuration is required and can be set via environment variables.

Visit your account page on Atom.io to obtain your authentication token. The token has to be made available in your CI environment via the ATOM_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

Environment variables

Variable Description
ATOM_ACCESS_TOKEN The token used to authenticate with Atom registry.