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📘 semantic-release plugin to create or update a changelog file
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semantic-release plugin to create or update a changelog file.

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Step Description
verifyConditions Verify the changelogFile and changelogTitle options configuration.
prepare Create or update a changelog file in the local project directory with the changelog content created in the generate notes step.


$ npm install @semantic-release/changelog -D


The plugin can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

  "plugins": [
    ["@semantic-release/changelog", {
      "changelogFile": "docs/",

With this example, for each release, a docs/ will be created or updated.



Options Description Default
changelogFile File path of the changelog.
changelogTitle Title of the changelog file (first line of the file). -


When used with the @semantic-release/git or @semantic-release/npm plugins the @semantic-release/changelog plugin must be called first in order to update the changelog file so the @semantic-release/git and @semantic-release/npm plugins can include it in the release.

  "plugins": [
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