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Vaaclipse is a framework for building web applications using Eclipse 4 Platform and Vaadin. It allows to use the power of the Eclipse 4 in web development. More....

Getting started

  1. Install Vaaclipse.
  2. Read about E4 application model (chapters 5-8) in this Eclipse 4 RCP tutorial.
  3. Read about Vaaclipse resource system.
  4. Follow to Mediaplayer Tutorial. This complex all-in-one tutorial starts from basics and passes to advanced things. Mediaplayer tutorial explains things with maximum detailzation, it contains lot of screenshots and explanations so even developers with minimal Eclipse background can follow it. You'll learn many E4 features following this tutorial.

General Information

Learning Resources:

Vaaclipse Forum

You can ask any Vaaclipse related question in Vaaclipse Forum.

External links:

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