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1.0200 2011-03-15
- Made Digest::SHA an optional component. Thanks to Mark Carey.
- Added the ability to publish checkins to Facebook.
- Documented an easy way to take a relationship URL passed back from Facebook and turn it into a Facebook::Graph::Response object.
1.0100 2011-01-04
- Added Facebook::Graph::Query::from. Inspired by a pull request from Dan
1.0000 2010-12-09
- Updated recipe2 example to use more modern Dancer features.
- Merged POD patch from fayland.
- Can now post posts and events directly to other pages you control without
switching access tokens.
- Added set_source(), set_privacy(), set_actions(), add_actions(),
set_target_countries(), set_target_cities(), set_target_regions(), and
set_target_locales to Facebook::Graph::Publish::Post.
- Changed get_post_params() in Facebook::Graph::Publish to return an array ref
instead of a hash ref.
- Now requires Exception::Class.
NOTE: This version is not backward compatible with previous versions because
the get_post_params() method in Facebook::Graph::Publish now returns an array
ref rather than a hash ref. However, if you didn't extend this module, then you
likely aren't calling this method anywhere, so for you the module will remain
backward compatible. This is the reason for the major version number increase.
NOTE2: This version is not backward compatible with previous versions because
we are no longer throwing array based exceptions. Instead the exceptions are
Exception::Class based. If you don't care about exception formatting then this
module will still be backward compatible for you.
0.0705 2010-09-26
- Missed a spot in 0.0704.
0.0704 2010-09-26
- Fixed a problem with access token encoding.
0.0703 2010-09-26
- Documented Response's as_string method.
- Facebook changed their damn API yet again, so that is now fixed, AGAIN!
0.0702 September 1, 2010
- Facebook changed their API slightly and it broke stuff, so that is now fixed.
- Added link to the cookbook from the main page.
0.0701 August 17, 2010
- Added a link to the talk I gave at MadMongers about Facebook::Graph. It could be useful to people getting started with Facebook::Graph.
0.0700 August 13, 2010
- Added recipe #2 to the cookbook.
- Added signed request support for canvas applications. Thanks to Rainer Größlinger.
- New prereqs: Digest::SHA and MIME::Base64::URLSafe.
0.0600 August 11, 2010
- Fixed a runtime error created in 0.0500.
- Added likes publishing.
- Added comment publishing.
- Added note publishing.
- Added link publishing.
- Added event publishing.
- Added RSVPs for events.
0.0500 August 10, 2010
- Added feed/wall publishing.
0.0402 July 15, 2010
- Fixed a pod error.
0.0401 July 14, 2010
- Added a cookbook and the first recipe.
- Made the third element of the exception, the original exception type from Facebook.
- Fixed a bug with the Any::Moose transition.
0.0400 July 13, 2010
- Added Facebook::Graph::Picture for accessing the pictures of any object.
- Fixed POD docs thanks to Tim Heaney for the patch.
- Migrated to Any::Moose for those people that want to use Mouse instead of Moose. Thanks to tehmoth for the patch.
- Added a note about using IO::Socket::SSL instead of Crypt::SSLeay. Thanks to Søren Lund for the idea.
0.0300 July 11, 2010
- Added convert_sessions method to make it easier for existing apps to use Facebook::Graph. Thanks to Rainer Größlinger for the idea.
- Converted Facebook::Graph::Query::Response into Facebook::Graph::Response, so it could be generically used and/or subclassed by other modules.
0.0201 July 10, 2010
- Better error messages on failed queries.
- Fixed the AccessToken parsing problem.
- Fixed another POD formatting problem.
- More cleanup.
- Modified the fetch() method to use the Query module behind the scenes.
0.0200 July 9, 2010
- Added the Facebook::Graph::Query API, which allows for powerful searching of Facebook data.
- Fixed a bunch of AccessToken and Authorize bugs.
- Fixed a bunch of POD formatting problems.
- Replaced URL with URI everywhere for consistency.
0.0100 July 8, 2010
- Initial public release.