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ARC RDF Classes for PHP
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Merge pull request #71 from k00ni/patch-1

Make id column in table id2val a PRIMARY KEY and set AUTO_INCREMENT
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extractors Line ending fixes / constructor clean-ups
parsers Merge origin/master
store Make id column in id2val PRIMARY KEY and AUTO_INCREMENT
tests Add a few convenience extensions to ARC2_Graph.
.gitignore Add automated test suite.
ARC2.php Add ARC2_Graph component for basic graph/index operations.
ARC2_Class.php Convert mysql_ to mysqli_
ARC2_Graph.php Make predicate retrieval more efficient.
ARC2_Reader.php Make reader reuse same port for redirects that are not absolute URLs
ARC2_Resource.php Remove non-used parameter from method.
ARC2_getFormat.php Remove no longer used check.
ARC2_getPreferredFormat.php Line ending fixes / constructor clean-ups Fix typo in README
build.xml Add automated test suite.
composer.json Add Composer config.


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ARC2 is a PHP 5.3 library for working with RDF. It also provides a MySQL-based triplestore with SPARQL support.

Feature-wise, ARC2 is now in a stable state with no further feature additions planned. Issues are still being fixed and Pull Requests are welcome, though.


Package available on Composer.

If you're using Composer to manage dependencies, you can use

$ composer require "semsol/arc2": "dev-master"
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