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GXT Demo Projects

These are Sencha GXT 4.x project templates.




Find specific project instructions to each project in the project's README.md.


These projects have been updated with GXT 4.0.3.

Project Templates

Project templates are using the Apache Maven architecture to make it easy to import into the IDE and configure dependencies.

Simple Projects

Simple GXT projects

Projects with Theme Modules

The projects with themes have copies of the Triton theme and Triton has been renamed to Trituim for example.

GXT 101 - Building Themes with the Theme Builder

  • gxt-theme-40x - Recommended Easy Start - A simple project with a theme a custom module based on Triton.
  • gxt-theme-40x-ap - A project built with Activities and Places and has a theme module.
  • gxt-theme-40x-multi - A project with two theme modules based on triton.

Projects for testing

The projects here are used for testing.