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Sencha App Theming Contest


Getting started with contest app

  • Fork/Clone/Download sample application on this github page and unzip it.

  • Build the sample application

cd theming-contest-app-master
sencha app install --frameworks=/path/to/extjs
  • Start app watch with Fashion
sencha app watch -fashion
  • View the sample app in browser.

Look for port number in sencha app watch.

Open Sencha Themer

Open Sencha Themer and create a new theme in the theming-contest-app-master folder. Then select a base theme to start from, this app is built using the modern toolkit so you must choose a theme that is either modern or universal.

Check that your app is connected

To verify that themer is connected to the contest app go to View>Connected App(s). Once your app is connected you can use the inspect feature on the running app.

Theme the app

Use Sencha Themer to create a custom theme for the contest app.

Submit your contest entry

Email your contest theme to We’ll email you within two days of your submission to let you know if your entry has been accepted. If you don’t receive an email confirmation, please contact us. Contest rules are at Theming Contest Page


Any Questions?

If you have any additional questions about the contest, please send those to contest forum at [Sencha Contest Forum] (


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