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Andrew Kelley andrewrk :  Updated Home (textile) [6811279]
Dmitry Dudin outbreak :  Move RethinkDB session store for Connect to Session Stores [2f133ec]
Dmitry Dudin outbreak :  Add RethinkDB session store for Connect [7891628]
Chris Schmich schmich :  Adding link to the connect-browser-sync project. [91b1bba]
Roi Avinoam avinoamr :  Updated Home (textile) [4356fec]
Gleb Bahmutov bahmutov :  Added link to testing connect middleware blog post [5841d59]
Gleb Bahmutov bahmutov :  Added link to connect-slow middleware [dddc42f]
Oleg Verych olecom :  Articles: Tim Caswell's "Just Connect it Already" [94c85c8]
Oleg Verych olecom :  Articles: "Sorry, no such page" from; add "A short guide to Connect Middleware" with small and useful examples [b3ccc8a]
guankaishe switer :  HTTP/HTTPS route forward proxy middleware. [94e8ee9]
Artem Vitiuk viart :  Add "http-rewrite" Middleware [5a8660f]
Stefan Baumgartner ddprrt :  adding connect-php 3rd party middleware [5794bf6]
Screeny screeny05 :  Updated Home (textile) [1b69e7e]
Oleg Slobodskoi kof :  broken link [18d892b]
Oleg Slobodskoi kof :  Updated Home (textile) [dcde6a0]
faridfadaie faridfadaie :  Adding support for using Amazon SimpleDB for sessions. [79f128a]
Jérémy Lal kapouer :  transfered ownership of connect-jugglingdb from kapouer to jugglingdb [dd1aa48]
Jérémy Lal kapouer :  Updated Home (textile) [fb9490b]
Haoliang Gao popomore :  add connect-combo [f47570e]
Randy Secrist randysecrist :  add riak session store to session store list [1e922df]
Alexey Gordeyev biggora :  Updated Home (textile) [42c7220]
Alex Fork alex4k :  Updated Home (textile) [0d0eec7]
pirxpilot pirxpilot :  added: connect-cachify-static and connect-gzip-static [4ee812e]
pirxpilot pirxpilot :  added mniam-store [0b8531a]
Bruno Baia bbaia :  Add 'connect-owin' [921feb4]
Mac mcartoixa :  Add connect-tedious session store [67e6ca1]
Mike Carson ca98am79 :  add connect-firebase session store entry [afc2560]
Yuriy Nemtsov nemtsov :  rename partial-response-middleware to express-partial-response [6daba28]
Yuriy Nemtsov nemtsov :  add partial-response-middleware [f5d8a41]
Rafał Lindemann panrafal :  Updated Home (textile) [5e550ba]
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