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SendBird JavaScript SDK
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SendBird JavaScript SDK

SendBird provides the chat API and SDK for your app enabling real-time communication among your users.

Getting Started

Bower package for JavaScript SDK

  bower install sendbird  

npm module for JavaScript SDK

  npm install sendbird --save  

download for JavaScript SDK


Install via NPM and import like below in your TypeScript file:

import * as SendBird from 'sendbird';
var sb = new SendBird({'appId': 'APP_ID'});
// do something...

If you have trouble importing SendBird, please check your tsconfig.json file and change the value of "allowSyntheticDefaultImports" to true in compilerOptions.



SyncManager is a support add-on for SendBird SDK. Major benefits of SyncManager are,

  • Local cache integrated: store channel/message data in local storage for fast view loading.
  • Event-driven data handling: subscribe channel/message event like insert, update, remove at a single spot in order to apply data event to view.

Check out Basic Sample with SyncManager which is similar to Basic Sample but SyncManager integrated. For more information about SyncManager, please refer to SyncManager README.


v3.0.103(JUN 14, 2019)

If you want to check the record of other version, go to Change Log.

  • Improved stability.

Change Log


SendBird License

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