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The Dashboard Feed Widget shows the latest Posts from a site of your choice in the top of the WordPress Dashboard.
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Dashboard Feed Widget

plugin version

Last updated September 27, 2017
tested up to WordPress 4.8
Author: Pieter Bos
Stable Version (via WordPress Plugins Repository)
Plugin homepage

The Dashboard Feed Widget shows the latest Posts from a site of your choice in the top of the WordPress Dashboard.


On websites we develop for clients we always add this widget to their WordPress Dashboard to keep them informed on general updates regarding their websites. We thought it would be a handy tool for other developers, so we turned the widget into a plugin.

The default settings are:

  • the standard title of the widget box is "Recent Updates"
  • as I needed a default feed URL I used the feed of SO WP, one of my own websites
  • the default number of RSS items is 3
  • do not open link in new tab (since v2.3.0)
  • yellow background color of the widget (#FFFF99)

We have decided to only support this plugin through Github. Therefore, if you have any questions, need help and/or want to make a feature request, please open an issue here. You can also browse through open and closed issues to find what you are looking for and perhaps even help others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dashboard Feed Widget plugin also work on WordPress Multisite?

No it doesn't work properly. There are other plugins that can do this more reliable for Multisite.

I have an issue with this plugin, where can I get support?

Please open an issue here on Github


This repo is open to any kind of contributions.



Connect with us through

BHI Consulting for Websites







2.4.6 (version in the WP Plugins Directory 2017.927)

  • date: Sep 27, 2017
  • adjust some links due to overhaul of SO WP website
  • banner image: add retina

2.4.5 (version in the WP Plugins Directory 2017.6.1)

  • empty redundant language folder
  • change default feed
  • verified compatibility WP 4.8

2.4.4 (version in the WP Plugins Directory 2016.11.29)

  • remove version check
  • tested up to WP 4.7

2.4.3 (version in the WP Plugins Directory 2016.5.14)

  • remove FAQ answer that points to Multisite version as that plugin is no longer in active development
  • adjust tested up to version as well as minimum required version
  • adjust links to reflect switch to SSL

2.4.2 (version in the WP Plugins Directory 2015.08.07)

  • tweak header settings page
  • adjust language strings

2.4.1 (version in the WP Plugins Directory 2015.08.05)



  • date: 2015.04.09
  • changed logos
  • new banner image for Repo by Fré Sonneveld


  • date: 2014.07.27
  • feature request add option to open the links of the dashboard feed in a new tab
  • bump minimum required WP version up to 3.8


  • date: 2014.04.17
  • compatible up to WP 3.9
  • move minimum WP version upwards to 3.7


  • date: 2014.02.10
  • modified settings page and styling to better fit WP 3.8
  • i18n date output
  • removed line break between title and date
  • updated settings icon
  • updated screenshots


  • date: 2013.12.28
  • fixed bug


  • date: 2013.12.26
  • tested up to WP 3.9-alpha
  • new links pointing to
  • new version number format
  • removed dashboard link hover color
  • added option to change yellow background color of widget
  • moved RTL-style to new dbfw_style_function
  • update language files


  • complete reorganisation of the plugin files
  • compatible up to WP 3.8



  • Compatible up to WP 3.7
  • move minimum WP version upwards to 3.6
  • new WP version check


  • Compatible up to WP 3.7-beta2
  • Clean up and comment code and escape URLs where not done yet
  • move minimum WP version upwards to 3.5.2
  • Add "SO" in front of the name
  • Add link to SO WP Plugins on Github
  • Edit readme file
  • adjust .po/.mo files
  • remove images directory


  • svn mess-up


  • Compatible up to WP 3.6
  • Change Twitter username


  • Add current translation to readme.txt, add some text to options page, adjust Dutch translation file


  • First release
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