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implementation of jitr with Fancybox #1

gb5256 opened this Issue May 28, 2012 · 4 comments

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gb5256 commented May 28, 2012

There was in the yii forums a comment about how to combine the functionality of jitr with Fancybox.
I have successfully made the changes to the code as suggested but now fancybox is throwing errors, like that there is no property called TARGET etc.
So it seems like there have been some changes to Fancybox code as well.
Does anybody have all the code working?

Thanks for this.


Can you give me the link? I need to reproduce the error to fix it. Also, I suggest you to try Lyiightbox =).

gb5256 commented May 28, 2012

This is what I did:
But I have not used all of this as it is based on an old version of your script.
So basically I have only added this:
public $rel = null;
And changed this:
public function run()

    echo '<a href="'.Yii::app()->baseUrl .'/images/jitr/big/'.$this->image.'" rel="' . $this->getRel() .  '"><img src="' . Yii::app()->baseUrl . '/images/jitr/' . $this->display . '/' . $this->image . '" title="' . $this->getTitle() . '" alt="' . $this->getAlt() . '"/></a>';

And in the view I have this:
$this->widget('ext.EJustInTimeR', array( 'image' => 'foo.jpg', 'rel' =>'gallery', ));
$this->widget('ext.lyiightbox.LyiightBox2', array( 'target'=>'a[rel=gallery]', 'config'=>array(), ) );
But then I get an error, saying that lightbox does not have the property Target.

Do I miss something?
What do you mean with "Also, I suggest you to try Lyiightbox =)."

@sensorario sensorario was assigned Nov 18, 2012

I'll close this issue: I am working at version 2.0.

@sensorario sensorario closed this Jan 27, 2013
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