Game theory implementations for LOG-a-TEC.
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This repo contains a number of game theory implementations for the LOG-a-TEC testbed. Each of these have been used for experimentation and are used for the results in a nummber of papers as can be seen below. Please cite our work or cite LOG-a-TEC when using the testbed and/or the code.


About LOG-a-TEC: [Tomaž Šolc, Carolina Fortuna, Mihael Mohorčič: Low-cost testbed development and its applications in cognitive radio prototyping, Cognitive Radio and Networking for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Eds. M.-G. Di Benedetto, A. Cattoni, J. Fiorina, F. Bader, L. De Nardis, February 2014] (

Power Allocation Game assuming continuous Tx powers: [Ciprian Anton, Andrei Toma, Ligia Cremene, Mihael Mohorcic and Carolina Fortuna: Power Allocation Game for Interference Mitigation in a Real-world Experimental Testbed, IEEE ICC 2014 - Cognitive Radio and Networks Symposium, June 2014 ] (

Power Allocation Game assuming discrete Tx powers: Suciu et al: Cost-adaptive, Discrete-Power Interference Mitigation for Constrained Devices, under review.

Power Allocation Game assuming discrete Tx powers and using cross layer info: coming soon