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Installs and configures Uchiwa. A simple dashboard for Sensu. This cookbook uses the omnibus packages.

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Installation methods

The cookbook supports the following installation methods:

  • repo (default)
  • http

Supported platforms

These plateforms have been tested successfully.

  • Centos/RHEL 6 and 7 x86_64
  • Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 amd64


  • Smaller commits are better if we need to cherry pick.
  • Make sure foodcritic runs without errors.
  • Make sure 'knife cookbook test' runs without errors.
  • Make sure 'kitchen test' runs without errors.
  • Make sure 'rubocop' runs without errors.
  • Write tests for your change.


Build and Release

For maintainers looking to release new versions of this cookbook you should follow this process:

  1. Add any and changes with links to Pull Requests. Commit this to develop branch.
  2. Update with new version header and update diff links.
  3. Create a commit to then tag for release I would suggest something like this git commit -am 'prep for v$MAJOR.$MINOR.$RELEASE release'. Commit this to develop and make sure that everything is good to go (ci passing and such).
  4. Push from develop to master: git push origin develop:master
  5. checkout master branch and pull in changes: git checkout master && git pull
  6. Create a tagged release: hub release create v$MAJOR.$MINOR.$PATCH this should prompt you in an editor to modify the tag message. I typically leave it default, but feel free to include any useful release notes.
  7. Use the stove command to push the newly versioned cookbook to the supermarket: stove --no-git. This assumes that you have installed stove, properly configured authentication, and have been granted access to the supermarket.
  8. Optionally but recommended to update any associated PRs with a release link.