Opentip is an open source javascript tooltip based on the protoype framework.
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Opentip Version 1.4.2

The opentip-class is a free opensource Java-Script tooltip class based on the prototype framework.

It supports:

  • Stems (little pointers)
  • Automatic content download with AJAX
  • Different styles
  • Automatic repositioning of the tooltip if it's not in the viewport of the browser anymore
  • All kind of triggers (The tooltip can be triggered by mouse over, click, form submit,... everything you can think of really)
  • CSS3 Animations if available. (If not, it uses scriptaculous if available).

As of Version 1.2.6 Opentip does no longer depend on scriptaculous.


<div onmouseover="javascript:Tips.add(this, event, 'Content', { options });"></div>

Or the preferred external method:

$('elementId').addTip('Content', { options });

For the complete documentation please visit


Here's a list of major changes, so you know what to expect when you upgrade (Minor bugfixes are not listed here!).


  • Stems are no longer images, but drawn with canvas. (I'm using excanvas for IE < 9). Remember to include the excanvas.js file.

Future plans

  • Become library independant. I'm currently working on extracting all prototype functionality, so I can switch library easily. The next library I'll support will be jquery, and then mootools.

  • Add more skins.

  • Add cooler loading animation.

  • Implement qunit tests.

If you have ideas, please contact me!


Tagging in this project is done with my tag script.


Opentip is written by Matias Meno.
All graphics by Tjandra Mayerhold.


Thanks to the following people for providing bug reports, feature requests and sometimes fixes:

  • Torsten Saam
  • Aaron Peckham
  • Oguri

If I forgot somebody, please just tell me.


Copyright (c) 2012 Matias Meno
Licenced under the MIT Licence.