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SPMySQL will now enforce SSL connections when requested (#2499)

Previously we could only *request* SSL, but if the server didn’t support it, libmysqlclient would go ahead anyway. This is fixed in MySQL 5.5.55.
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dmoagx committed May 21, 2017
1 parent 69509f9 commit 67649f01d870037722aaee437c38a6da12c3b215
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  1. +19 −0 Frameworks/SPMySQLFramework/Source/SPMySQLConnection.m
@@ -668,7 +668,26 @@ - (MYSQL *)_makeRawMySQLConnectionWithEncoding:(NSString *)encodingName isMaster
theSSLCiphers = [sslCipherList UTF8String];

// Calling mysql_ssl_set() to libmysqlclient only means that connecting with SSL would be nice.
// If the server doesn't support SSL though, it will *silently* fall back to plaintext and in the worst case even transmit
// the password in cleartext.
// Setting MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE is required, to actually make it abort the connection if the server doesn't signal SSL support.
// mysql 5.5.55+
// mysql 5.6.36+
// mysql 5.7.11+ (5.7.3 - 5.7.10 with a different name)
// mysql 8.0+
mysql_ssl_set(theConnection, theSSLKeyFilePath, theSSLCertificatePath, theCACertificatePath, NULL, theSSLCiphers);
enum mysql_ssl_mode opt_ssl_mode = SSL_MODE_REQUIRED;
if(mysql_options(theConnection, MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE, (void *)&opt_ssl_mode)) {
if(isMaster) {
[self _updateLastErrorMessage:@"libmysqlclient is missing support for MYSQL_OPT_SSL_MODE"];
[self _updateLastSqlstate:@"HY000"];
[self _updateLastErrorID:2026];
return NULL;

MYSQL *connectionStatus = mysql_real_connect(theConnection, theHost, theUsername, thePassword, NULL, (unsigned int)port, theSocket, [self clientFlags]);

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