Enhanced Artificial Genome Engine: next generation sequencing reads simulator
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EAGLE - Enhanced Artificial Genome Engine

The Enhanced Artificial Genome Engine (EAGLE) software is designed to simulate the behaviour of Illumina's Next Generation Sequencing instruments, in order to facilitate the development and testing of downstream applications.


Required packages (based on a fresh Ubuntu install):

CMake >= 2.8.2
C++ compiler
Boost development libraries >= 1.56
which (in centos docker)
time (in docker)

All together:
    apt-get install cmake g++ libboost-all-dev libxml2-dev libxml-simple-perl samtools dc bzip2 time
  / yum install cmake gcc-c++ boost-devel libxml2-devel perl-libxml-perl samtools bc bzip2 which time

Installation Instructions


Note: We noticed that cmake doesn't always get detected. Adding "--with-cmake=cmake" helps. (I know...)

Pre-built Docker image

The following public Docker image is available: ljanin/eagle:2.5.1

sudo docker run -it --rm ljanin/eagle:2.5.1