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Scala Input Validator with quite readable DSL
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Important Notice

inputvalidator is already in maintenance mode. So only bug fixes will be released and new features won't be implemented.

Now I'm working harder on skinny-validator (it's a successor of inputvalidator and some APIs are refactored). skinny-validator is a part of skinny-framework but it doesn't depend on skinny. You can use skinny-validator anywhere as same as well as inputvalidator.

Scala Input Validator with quite readable DSL

libraryDependencies += "com.github.seratch" %% "inputvalidator" % "[1.0,)"

Use as follows:

import inputvalidator._

case class Registration(id: Int, firstName: String, lastName: Option[String], gender: String)

val validator = Validator {
  input("id" -> 12345) is required & maxLength(4), // 1 error
  input("first_name" -> "") is notNull & minLength(3), // 1 error
  input("last_name" -> "Kaz") is checkAll(minLength(5), numeric), // 2 errors
  input("gender" -> "male") is notEmpty


val res: String = validator.success {
  inputs => inputs.string("first_name")
}.failure {
  (inputs, errors) => "Failed! : " + errors

val form = { inputs => 
    id        ="id"),
    firstName = inputs.string("first_name"),
    lastName  = inputs.stringOpt("last_name"),
    gender    = inputs.string("gender")

if (form.hasErrors) {
} else {
  val registration = form.get

Accepting Map value is also simple:

val params: Map[String, Any] = request.getParameterMap()

val v = Validator(params)(
  inputKey("password") is required,
  inputKey("newPassword") is (required and minLength(6)),
  inputKey("reNewPassword") is (required and minLength(6)),
  input("pair" -> (params.get("newPassword"), params.get("reNewPassword"))) are same

Built-in Validations

See the following source code:

Your pull requests are always welcome.

Easily Extendable

If you need to add validations, it's quite simple.

Just add new class which extends inputvalidator.ValidationRule as follows:

object authenticated extends ValidationRule {
  def name = "authenticated"
  def isValid(v: Any) = {
    val (username, password) = v.asInstanceOf[(String, String)]
    UserService.authenticate(username, password).isDefined

val v = Valdiator(
  input("username" -> username) is required,
  input("passowrd" -> password) is required,
  input("login" -> (username, password)) is authenticated

Message Binding

Supports the standard way to use

post("login") {
    input("username" -> username) is required,
    input("passowrd" -> password) is required,
    input("login" -> (username, password)) is authenticated
  ).success { inputs =>
    respond(status = 200, body = render("completed.ssp"))
  }.failure { (inputs, errors) =>
      status = 400, 
      body = render("input.ssp",
        "useraname" -> inputs.get("username"),
        "password" -> inputs.get("password"),
        "errors" -> inputs.keys.flatMap { key =>
          errors.get(key).map { error =>
            Messages.get(key =, params = key :: error.messageParams.toList).getOrElse(

Do the Same Everywhere

Furthermore, this library does not depend on any other components. So you can do the same everywhere.

Please see the following examples.

  • Play framework 2.x Scala

  • Scalatra

  • Circumflex


Copyright 2013 Kazuhiro Sera

Apache License, Version 2.0

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