xml deserializer for rust-serde
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xml deserialization code for the serde crate

current state

  • xml to struct deserialization
  • deserialize bool, int, string from <anytagname>value</anythingelse>
  • deserialize sequences (tuple, array, vector) as struct member
  • deserialize escaped chars (&abcd;)
  • deserialize CDATA
  • deserialize enumerations
  • deserialize arrays of enumerations
  • deserialize errors instead of assertions
  • more deserialize tests
  • parse to dom tree
  • struct to xml serialization


I'm currently ignoring quite some stuff that I don't know how to handle in another way

  • ignore namespaces
  • skip xml comments
  • skip xml version tag
  • ignoring xml-attributes

nice to have

  • xsd verification
  • sequences of sequences (how would these even look like in xml?)
  • attributes to collapse xml elements that only contain a single type of element.