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@aivve aivve released this Dec 16, 2019 · 78 commits to master since this release

  • Boost synchronization speed. (It nows syncs in 15-20 minutes to the latest checkpoint. If you want to sync even faster, take the most recent block's height and hash and feed it to daemon as a checkpoint with --load-checkpoints flag)
  • Code cleanup: removed various unused files and functions, fixed some bugs
  • Changes in RPC: removed some deprecated methods, renamed some fields (many that should've been changed too were left intact for backward compatibility with wallets), allowed some methods while node is syncing
  • Check locked amounts in reserve proof RPC method
  • Start scan height option for restoring wallets
  • Functions used in GUI to lock wallet and to confirm sensitive operations by password
  • Daemon save command to store blockchain cache to disk
  • RPC method for walletd to show addresses count
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