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@aivve aivve released this Jan 23, 2020 · 13 commits to master since this release

  • Lite blocks propagation, this should reduce traffic between nodes
  • Attempt to restore corrupted blockindexes.dat
  • Platform independent randomness
  • Improvements in simplewallet
  • Node update with new endpoints, including info about connections for display in GUI Wallet
  • Fix of fee check in Core, fixes syncing from zero with the flag --without-checkpoints
  • Ban nodes that stuck too deep behind on fork to spare useless traffic
  • Changes in P2P:
    • Moved P2P protocol version to common config
    • Added warning about outdated software
    • Added dropping the connection to outdated too much nodes
    • Added anchor connections, based on §4
  • Change how we deal with unmixable outputs in wallet:
    • if transaction is zero mixin, first take all unmixable outputs to send, then normal outputs
    • for transactions with mixin first, take normal outputs, only if not enough take dust, unmixable outputs, obviously, not used for sending
    • sweep_dust command is removed from simplewallet
    • the warning is displayed when the user has unmixable outputs that he can get rid of them by sending tx with zero mixin
    • in the edge case of so many unmixable outputs that it will make tx invalid due to exceeding tx size limit user will have to send them in chunks (at cost of an extra fee, but old behaviour is the same)
  • Add tools to get some useful statistics via RPC e.g. for building historical charts

The above changes are partially based on TurtleCoin and Monero solutions.

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