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@github-actions github-actions released this Mar 24, 2020

Please uninstall the old version before installing this one, because we changed the installer. Make sure you do not remove the wallet file and blockchain! No need doing this.

Important changes:

  • Flat-rate fee for public nodes
    Please note that starting from this release the wallet pays a flat-rate fee for nodes that support this, fallback to percent based fee for old nodes (for transition period).

  • Proper Base58 encoding of proofs
    The format of "payment proof" and "reserve proof" has changed because now they are properly (better) encoded. Now the "payment proof" starts from Proof (before was ProofV1, the "reserve proof" starts from RsrvPrf (before: ReserveProofV1).

  • Deterministic transaction keys
    The secret transaction key can now be restored after wallet reset or import from keys for transactions sent from new wallets starting from this version.

  • Poor man's Dandelion protocol
    Enhances privacy making it harder to determine the IP address of the node that originated the transaction.

More details in the release notes for the new version of the Karbo core that empowers our wallet.


  • Better payment id parsing that doesn't crash wallet
  • Misc. corrections in translations
  • Corrected some typoes, including reported in #33
  • Removed obsolete mining functions
  • Removed some remnants in main window form
  • Fixed balance proof text areas styles



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