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Volumetric path tracer using Nvidia gvdb library
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Volumetric Path Tracer


VPT is a path tracer to render open vdb volume files using Nvidia gvdb library and Cuda. It uses the Ray Tracing Gems Vol 28. as the base and implements volume rendering algorithms from PBRT. The repo is currently built and tested only under Windows.

Release Notes

v1.0 Initial Public Release


Either download the source as a zip file or right click to a desired location and use below command with git bash

git clone

VPT expects vcpkg, Visual Studio 2017 and CMake to be installed.

  • Install glfw3, imgui and stb_image using vcpkg with x64-windows triplet
  • With CMake Gui select the "VPT/source" folder as source directory and create a build directory of your choice.
  • Choose x64 for optional platform and specify toolchain for cross-compiling


  • Specify the location your vcpkg cmake file


  • Configure with these options and if you would like to render procedural sky sampling textures to a folder before rendering mark the "RENDER_ENV_TEXTURES" option


  • Generate and open the VS file. Build VPT with "Release" configuration. This will create a "VPT" folder under build directory and vpt.exe and necessary binaries will be placed here.

note: Currently only windows GVDB libraries (VS 2017, VC 14) are distributed with the repo. If you wish to use the repo under Linux or Mac please see GVDB and compile the necessary binaries to be used with the renderer.


"vpt.exe" can be used with or without an optional environment texture argument. If you wish to use an environment map with VPT just specify the hdri in command line, for example "vpt.exe ../../../assets/Barce_Rooftop_C_3k.hdr". Some maps are provided under assets directory and they are provided by sIbl Archive and HDRI Skies.

The open vdb files to be used is also under assets and can be specified by changing the relative code in main.cpp file. Disney Moana clouds with a slight modification for VPT are provided under assets directory.

The Moana Cloud datasets are Copyright 2017 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. A copy of this license is available at

The interactive camera in application uses left mouse for orbiting, middle mouse for panning, and mouse wheel for zooming. keyboard "s" takes a screenshot and places it under "bin/render" folder with .tga extension. Keyboard "-" and "+" changes FOV and "ESC" key quits the application



This project is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License


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