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A simple proxy for prototyping hammer-based parsing of DNP3. The main program is called "proxyd".

Internal architecture is documented on the wiki to help with elfbac integration.


The program uses cmake to generate makefiles.

  1. build and install pesco's branch of hammer using scons.

In the future we might try and use cmake externals to do this, or do a cmake build for hammer. The proxy will link to the static library that this build produces (libhammer.a).

  1. Clone this repository recursively to retrieve the three git submodules: dnp3 parser, tclap (cli parser), and easy-logging.
> git clone --recursive <repo address>
  1. Run cmake to generate a makefile. Recommend using a separate build directory, e.g.:
> mkdir build; cd build
> cmake ..
> make


The proxy can describe its command line arguments with -h

> proxyd -h

   ./proxyd  [-s <name>] [-n <ipv4 address>] .... other args

A full example invocation would be:

> ./proxyd -s dnp3 -l 20001 -a -n -c 20000
2015-12-07 06:21:41,390 INFO  [default] Using parser: dnp3
2015-12-07 06:21:41,407 INFO  [default] completed dnp3/hammer parser initialization
2015-12-07 06:21:41,407 INFO  [default] Listening on:

This invocation uses the DNP3 parser, and listens on port 20001 on all adapters. It forwards connections and traffic to