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SQL Index Manager

This tool lets you quickly find out the status of your indexes and discover which databases need maintenance.
You can do maintenance through the UI, or generate a T-SQL script to run in SSMS.

SQL Index Manager – Wiki Page

SQL Index Manager – CodeProject

Key Features

  • An incredibly fast describe engine
  • Multiple databases scanning
  • Advice on rebuilding or reorganizing
  • Analysis of fragmentation results
  • Configurable fragmentation thresholds
  • One-click maintenance
  • Command-line automation
  • Automatic T-SQL script generation
  • Columnstore maintenance support
  • Statistics maintenance
  • Collecting missing indexes
  • Detect duplicate indexes
  • Drop or disable unused indexes
  • Index rebuild with compression options
  • Support for any editions of SQL Server 2008+ and Azure
  • And a lot of other improvements :)

Latest Version

You can download .zip file with the latest build of the master branch from Releases


SQL Index Manager SQL Index Manager SQL Index Manager