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Amazing jQuery Countdown plugin!, Check it out.

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Take a look to the demostration. This countdown has an amazing animation.

This project is still at beta stage, and probably it will remain that way :(. Now you can download the PSD file (It's here)

Basic usage:

  $('#counter').countdown({startTime: "01:12:32:55"});

Complete usage:

    stepTime: 60,
    format: 'hh:mm:ss',
    startTime: "12:32:55",
    digitImages: 6,
    digitWidth: 53,
    digitHeight: 77,
    timerEnd: function() { alert('end!!'); },
    image: "digits.png"

Did I mention that js code weighs just 1.7 KB?


Martín Conte Mac Donell - @Reflejo


See the demo !!.

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