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Web user agent class for Perl 6.
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It could potentially be useful in other tests putting it as a separate
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HTTP::UserAgent Build Status

Web user agent class for Perl 6.


use HTTP::UserAgent;

my $ua =;
$ua.timeout = 10;

my $response = $ua.get("URL");

if $ {
    say $response.content;
} else {
    die $response.status-line;


To install it using Panda (a module management tool bundled with Rakudo Star):

$ panda update
$ panda install HTTP::UserAgent


To run tests:

$ prove -e "perl6 -Ilib"


Please see the documentation links listed below:

To-do List and Future Ideas

strikethrough text means done.

  • clean up
  • speed up


  • HTTP Auth
  • let user set his own cookie jar
  • make getprint() return the code response
  • security fix - use File::Temp to create temporary cookie jar
  • use Promises
  • make SSL dependency as optional


  • path restriction


  • fix NativeCall's int bug
  • make it work on more platforms


  • make it work on more platforms
  • make SSL support more reliable
  • add throwing exception on failing SSL
  • more tests
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