is a collection of standardized documents that help startups get quickly and easily off the ground.
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Standardized, Free Seed Investment Legal Documents for Finland

============================================================== is a set of standardized documents to get your
startup quickly over the legal wetwork. Templates include a
Shareholders' Agreement, Termsheet and Investment Agreement.

You can use the documents as-is and they're lisenced under
Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0

See the site for more information:


07.04.2016 - Version 2.0 of documents published. Jaakko
Lindgren & Tuomas Honkinen from

27.01.2011 - Initial version 1.0 of documents published.
Authors: Jukka Kallio & Tom Laakso from


The example documents have been prepared for information purposes
only in order to raise general awareness and general knowledge
regarding seed investment documents. The documents and/or any and
all other contents of this web site shall not be construed as or
deemed as a) legal advice, b) legal consultation or c) forming any
kind of attorney-client relationship. The authors expressly disclaim
any and all liabilities, responsibilities and/or damages related to
or arising in connection with actions taken or not taken due to the
documents and/or any and all the contents in this repository.