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Tezos packaging

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This repo provides various forms of distribution for Tezos executables.

See the official documentation for information about the binaries, their usage, and concepts about the Tezos networks.

See the versioning doc for information about the versioning policy for the provided forms of distribution.

Set up a node and/or baking on Ubuntu

The simplest procedure to set up a node and/or baking instance is provided for Ubuntu.

These commands will install everything necessary and start an interactive setup wizard:

sudo add-apt-repository -yu ppa:serokell/tezos
sudo apt-get install -y tezos-baking

Read the dedicated article to find out more about the setup, the binaries, and the services used.

Voting on Ubuntu

An interactive voting wizard is provided for Ubuntu. After setting up a baking instance on mainnet, you can vote by running:


Read the documentation on voting to find out more details about voting on custom networks.

Installing Tezos

tezos-packaging supports several native distribution methods for convenience:

The information about supported versions of the aforementioned OSes is available in the support policy doc.

Additionally, prebuilt static binaries can be downloaded directly from the latest release for other linux distros.

You can also use systemd services to run some of these static Tezos binaries in the background. For more information about these services, refer to this doc.

Build Instructions

This repository provides two distinct ways for building and packaging tezos binaries:

Release process

Please see the release workflow doc for more information about the details of the tezos-packaging releasing process.

For Contributors

Please see for more information.

About Serokell

This repository is maintained with ❤️ by Serokell. The names and logo for Serokell are trademark of Serokell OÜ.

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