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@serratus serratus released this Jun 6, 2017 · 16 commits to master since this release

New Features

Support for Code 93 and Standard 2of5 barcodes

Huge thanks go to @madmanpierre and his company Maintenance Connection Canada (Asset Pro Solutions Inc. for sponsoring this implementation.

From now on, you can use code_93_reader and 2of5_reader in your decoder. Check out the examples using static images. In case you have any of these types of barcodes in your reach, you can also play around with the web-cam demo.

Exposing MediaStreamTrack

Today marks the release of Chrome 59 shipping with a lot of improvements to MediaStreamTrack. Thanks to
@ltlBeBoy for opening #159 and writing about MediaStream Image Capture.

You can now access the track via Quagga.CameraAccess.getActiveTrack() and apply settings yourself, like described in my blog-post Let's light a torch and explore MediaStreamTrack's capabilities

Check out the updated examples on web-cam demo and turn on/off your torch, or use the zoom.


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