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Thai word segmentation with bi-directional RNN
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Thai word segmentation with bi-directional RNN

This is code for preprocessing data, training model and inferring word segment boundaries of Thai text with bi-directional recurrent neural network. The model provides precision of 98.94%, recall of 99.28% and F1 score of 99.11%. Please see the blog post for the detailed description of the model.


  • Python 3.4
  • TensorFlow 1.4
  • NumPy 1.13
  • scikit-learn 0.18


  • Preprocess corpus for model training
  • Train the Thai word segmentation model
  • Example usage of the model to segment Thai words
  • saved_model: Pretrained model weights
  • thainlplib/ Methods for preprocessing the corpus
  • thainlplib/ Methods for training the model

Note that the InterBEST 2009 corpus is not included, but can be downloaded from the NECTEC website.


To try the prediction demo, run python3 To preprocess the data, train the model and save the model, put the data files under data directory and then run python3 and python3

Bug fixes and updates

  • 3/10/2019: Switched license to MIT
  • 1/6/2018: Fixed bug in splitting data incorrectly in The model was retrained achieving precision 98.94, recall 99.28 and F1 score 99.11. Thank you Ekkalak Thongthanomkul for the bug report.
  • 1/6/2018: Load the model variables with signature names in


  • Jussi Jousimo
  • Natsuda Laokulrat
  • Ben Carr
  • Ekkalak Thongthanomkul
  • Vee Satayamas



Copyright (c) Sertis Co., Ltd., 2019

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