Ansible playbook to automatically deploy the Server Density agent, and start monitoring.
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Ansible playbook for automatically deploying the Server Density agent.


Ansible >= 1.9


  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Redhat/CentOS


This playbook will install the Server Density v2 agent, allowing for custom configuration and server grouping.

Whats new

  • Now installs Server Density agent v2.
  • Added upgrade logic.
  • Added options for Server Density plugin installation.
  • Updated syntax (yaml)

Required Setup

Create an API token using these directions.

Edit the following files:

  • roles/serverdensity/vars/main.yml #Required
  • inventories/hosts #Required
  • serverdensity.yml
  • roles/serverdensity/templates/conf.d/* #Only need to update if you choose to install official plugins.

Upgrade v_1 to v_2

To Upgrade v_1 to v_2 set following variable upgrade_v2: yes.

If this is a fresh install do NOT set the variable.

Configuration Examples

There are many different ways to set or overwrite Ansible variables. These are only a few examples. For more information about setting variables, read the official Ansible Documentation.

Example Ansible command: ansible-playbook -i inventories/hosts serverdensity.yml

Example Ansible command(Upgrade): ansible-playbook -i inventories/hosts serverdensity.yml --extra-vars "upgrade_v2=yes"

Example: Setting group_name via the inventories/hosts file:

hostname ansible_ssh_host=ip_of_host

Example: Setting group_name via a role parameter:

- hosts: development
  gather_facts: yes
  sudo: yes
    - { role: serverdensity, group_name: "development_servers" }

Example: Setting group_name and other variables via playbook variables:

- hosts: development
  gather_facts: yes
  sudo: yes
    group_name: "development_servers"
      - apache
      - nginx
      - mongo
      - mysql
      - rabbitmq
    - serverdensity

Default Variables

You are not required to update these variables in order to get the Server Density agent running.

group_name: "ungrouped"
plugin_directory: ""

Default Variable Descriptions

  • group_name - Sets the group name.
  • plugin_directory - Sets the directory where the agent looks for plugins. If the variable is left blank, it is ignored.