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DEPRECATION NOTICE: The NPM package of this project is not compatiable with v1.0+ of the Serverless Framework. Please use serverless-finch for an updated fork of this project.


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A Serverless plugin that deploys a web client for your Serverless project to an S3 bucket, and make it publicaly available in seconds.

First, install:

npm install --save serverless-client-s3

Second, update serverless.yml by adding the following:

  - serverless-client-s3
     bucketName: serverless-client-bucketname
  • Warning: The plugin will overwrite any data you have in the bucket name you set above if it already exists.

Third, Create a client/dist folder in the root directory of your Serverless project. This is where your distribution-ready website should live. It is recommended to have a client/src where you'll be developing your website, and a build script that outputs to client/dist. The plugin simply expects and uploads the entire client/dist folder to S3, configure the bucket to host the website, and make it publicly available.

Or just copy/run the following commands in the root directory of your Serverless project to get a quick sample website for deployment:

mkdir -p client/dist
touch client/dist/index.html
touch client/dist/error.html
echo "Go Serverless" >> client/dist/index.html
echo "error page" >> client/dist/error.html

Fourth, run the plugin, and visit your new website!

serverless client deploy [--stage $STAGE] [--region $REGION]

Fifth, Have fun!


A plugin to deploy front-end assets to S3 via the Serverless Framework



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