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A basic node.js file manager
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A basic node.js file manager.


  • Simple authentication
  • Directory browsing
    • Filesize
    • Permissions
    • Owner
  • Folder creation
  • File uploads
    • Bulk file uploads
    • Large file uploads (sharded)
  • File/folder renaming
  • Bulk file/folder selection
    • Delete
      • Recursive directory delete
    • Move
    • Copy
    • Download archive
    • Change permissions
  • Remote commands


These screenshots are not up-to-date.


docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/data -p 8080:8080


git clone ~/path/to/file-manager
node ~/path/to/file-manager/index.js
# or
npm i -g


Options are currently only suppliable via ENV variables.


Set to login to enable accessing a login shell, or your shell binary (example: bash). Be careful when enabling this feature.


Set to shell binary to enable an alternative command-based execution. Be careful when enabling this feature.


Listen on $PORT. Default: 8080


Setting this variable enables authentication using TOTP (RFC6238). $KEY is a base32 encoded shared secret. This key is only a weak means of protection as it is succeptable to brute-force. You can generate one from here or manually.

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