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Soulheart is a ready-to-use remote data source for autocomplete. The goal is to provide a solid, flexible tool that's downright easy to set up and use.


  • Pagination
    For infinite scrolling of results - wow!
  • Categories
    Match results for specified categories, or not. Your choice
  • Prioritization
    Return results sorted by priority (not just alphabetically)
  • Arbitrary return objects
    Get whatever you want back. IDs, URLs, image links, HTML, 💥
  • Loads data
    Accepts local or remote data - e.g. you can use a gist
  • Runs Standalone or inside a rails app

Autocomplete in action

Getting started

See the Soulheart intro page for a step-by-step explanation of setting up a select box that uses Soulheart as a remote data source.


With Heroku Deploy

You can instantly deploy Soulheart to Heroku for free! This requires a verified Heroku account—you will have to add a payment method to Heroku but you won't be charged.

To update your Heroku deploy of Soulheart, use the Heroku CLI and redeploy the app:

heroku deploy -a NAME_OF_YOUR_APP_ON_HEROKU

In a Rails app

Soulheart is a gem. It uses hiredis on Ruby MRI. Add these lines to your gemfile:

gem 'soulheart'
gem 'hiredis', '~> 0.6.0' # Skip using JRuby
gem 'redis', '>= 3.2.0', require: ['redis', 'redis/connection/hiredis'] # Skip if using JRuby

And add this in your routes.rb:

require 'soulheart/server'

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  # .... your application routes

  mount Soulheart::Server => '/soulhearts'

You can then access the server when your rails app is running. You can run the Soulheart commands from that directory.

Hote: On Heroku Soulheart uses rackup to start the server. Because of this, there's a config.ru, a Gemfile.lock and a app.json—to make it (and any forks of it) directly deployable. These files aren't in the Gem.

Setting redis url

You can also set the redis url.

# config/initializers/soulheart.rb

Soulheart.redis = 'redis://'
# or you can asign an existing instance of Redis, Redis::Namespace, etc.
# Soulheart.redis = $redis


Tested with rspec. Check out test information at Code Climate.

You can run bundle exec guard to watch for changes and rerun the tests when files are saved.


Soulheart is a Redis backed Sinatra server. It's tested with the latest MRI (2.2, 2.1, 2.0) and JRuby versions (1.7). Other versions/VMs are untested but might work fine.

It requires Redis >= 3.0

Additional info

This initially started as a fork of Soulmate to support the features listed, provide demos and make it instantly deployable to Heroku.

It's MIT licensed.