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A simple node.js script which will convert XML output from JS Test Driver to JSON format.

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Convert JS Test Driver output from XML to JSON

This simple command line tool allows you to easily convert the XML generated by JS Test Driver to an easy to consume JSON format.


To use this tool, you'll need to have node.js (v0.4 or greater) and npm installed. I've tested the tool on OSX and Linux, but it should work fine on Windows as well.


git clone git://
cd jtd-xml-to-json
npm install

Alternatively, you can use npm to install the package:

npm install jtd-xml-to-json

If you want to run the unit tests:

cd node_modules/nodeunit
sudo make install
cd ../../
nodeunit tests/


Using the tool is easy. Simply run bin/jx2j file.xml, where file.xml is an output file from JS Test Driver. The JSON format of this data will be printed to stdout.

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