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ASP.NET Single Page Apps

This repository is an example of how to serve a SPA application with ASP.NET Core using a web.config to route the client routes to the output of a Create React App. This has been created to work with Azure but would work in any IIS website.

The implementation is made up of the following approach:

  • Two separate projects client (Create React App) and server (ASP.NET Core MVC)
  • Use the regular Create React App npm start build during development and point API requests to the server at http://localhost:5000
  • Enable CORS on the server during development to allow for the front end application
  • Use web.config reroute rules to ensure that the static files are served by IIS but API requests are let through to the MVC backend


In order to run the the app you need the following on your machine:

In order to deploy to Azure you will need:

Getting Started

To start development you need to restore the .NET dependencies and the npm dependencies, and set the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT environement variable to Development.


Follow these instruction to get get the server up and running.

Restoring Packages

Run the following from the root of the repository to restore your .NET dependencies:

cd src/server
dotnet restore

Run the backend

From Visual Studio Code

Install Visual Studio Code, open the root folder and press F5.

From Visual Studio

Install Visual Studio open the project file src/server/server.csproj and press F5.

From the command line

Run the following from the root of the repository to set the environment variable to be in development mode:

set ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development # on windows
export ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development # on mac

Then run the following in a terminal:

cd src/server
dotnet restore
dotnet run

Front end client

To run the front end client follow these instructions

Restoring NPM packages

Run the following from the root of the repository to install the NPM packages:

cd src/client
npm install

Running the app

Run the following from the root of the repository to run the client app:

cd src/client
npm start

Pointing to remote API server

If you want to deploy the API somewhere so that you could develop on the frontend without running the server project you need to add the following in a file located at src/client/.env.local replacing the URI with your development server URI:


Deploying to azure

The first thing you need to do is deploy create the resource group and the resources in it.

Deploying you resrources

This repository contains an Azure Resource Manager Templates (ARM) which will let you deploy to an Azure web app. First you need to build the client app which will automatically copy the files into the folder src/server/wwwroot.

Run the following to log into you Azure account on the CLI.

az login # follow the prompts to login with your Azure account

Run the following replacing deploymentLocation with an azure location and resourceGroupName with a name for your resource group.

az group create -l deploymentLocation -n resourceGroupName

Note: You can get the list of available location names from the command az account list-locations and take the name property.

Run the following to deploy the required resources to your new resource group, replacing resourceGroupName with the resource group you created above:

az group deployment create --template-file azuredeploy.json --resource-group resourceGroupName

Creating a deployment package

You need to first build the client before you deploy the . Use the following instructions to do so.

Build the client

  1. Run the following from the root of the repository to build the client app (and copy the files in to the server wwwroot folder):
cd src/client
npm run build
  1. Copy the content of the folder src/client/build in to the folder src/server/wwwroot

Note: In a production application you would automate this step in your build and not manually copy the files over.

Deploying the published package

The easiest way to deploy the web app to azure is to use Visual Studio 2017 (for Mac or Windows). For a production app you should use a CI/CD pipeline to do this but for the sake of keeping the example simple I have included instructions using Visual Studio.

  1. Open the file src/server/server.csproj in Visual Studio.
  2. In the solution explorer, right click on the project server
  3. Select Publish => Publish to Azure
  4. If needed sign into the Azure account you used to deploy the resources above
  5. In the list of Azure App Services click on the app service resourceGroupName-web-app where resourceGroupName is the resource group you created earlier
  6. Click publish

This should launch the new site in your default browser. If you are not seeing the client app being served up then make sure that you followed the section to build the client first.

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