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ArrowDL v4.0.1

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@github-actions github-actions released this 07 Jan 18:18
· 0 commits to develop since this release

This version provides a big update for the WebExtensions ArrowDL's add-on as it introduces Manifest v3. for the records, Manifest v2 has been decommissioned by Chromium a few days ago.

Note: only ArrowDL versions > v4.0.1 are now supported with the add-on available on the Firefox/Chrome/Edge online stores.

Tips: For older version of ArrowDL, the former v2 add-on can still be added to the browser manually.


  • [WebExtension] Upgrade Firefox / Chromium web-extensions add-on from Manifest v2 to Manifest v3
  • [WebExtension] Rename DownRightNow to ArrowDL for all add-ons to ensure consistency across all browsers


  • [UI] Fix glitches with dark palette (Dark Mode)
  • [UI] Fix bug with incomplete reset of the theme when clicking 'Cancel' in preference dialog
  • [Torrent] Add missing notifications
  • [WebExtension] Fix warning "Only packaged apps are allowed to use 'launcher' context"
  • [WebExtension] Replace old 'var' to 'const' or 'let' in javascript


  • [i18n] Update translations
  • [Doc] Replace Qt5 by Qt6 in documentation
  • [Doc] Fix broken links in README

Full Changelog: v4.0.0...v4.0.1