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Sidekiq integration for Capistrano


gem 'capistrano-sidekiq', group: :development

And then execute:

$ bundle


    # Capfile

    require 'capistrano/sidekiq'
    install_plugin Capistrano::Sidekiq  # Default sidekiq tasks
    # Then select your service manager
    install_plugin Capistrano::Sidekiq::Systemd 
    # or  
    install_plugin Capistrano::Sidekiq::Upstart  # tests needed
    # or  
    install_plugin Capistrano::Sidekiq::Monit  # tests needed

Configurable options, shown here with defaults:

:sidekiq_roles => :app
:sidekiq_default_hooks => true
:sidekiq_pid => File.join(shared_path, 'tmp', 'pids', '') # ensure this path exists in production before deploying.
:sidekiq_env => fetch(:rack_env, fetch(:rails_env, fetch(:stage)))
:sidekiq_log => File.join(shared_path, 'log', 'sidekiq.log')

# sidekiq systemd options
:sidekiq_service_unit_name => 'sidekiq'
:sidekiq_service_unit_user => :user # :system
:sidekiq_enable_lingering => true
:sidekiq_lingering_user => nil

# sidekiq monit
:sidekiq_monit_templates_path => 'config/deploy/templates'
:sidekiq_monit_conf_dir => '/etc/monit/conf.d'
:sidekiq_monit_use_sudo => true
:monit_bin => '/usr/bin/monit'
:sidekiq_monit_default_hooks => true
:sidekiq_monit_group => nil
:sidekiq_service_name => "sidekiq_#{fetch(:application)}" 

:sidekiq_user => nil #user to run sidekiq as

Known issues with Capistrano 3

There is a known bug that prevents sidekiq from starting when pty is true on Capistrano 3.

set :pty,  false


If you'd like to prepend bundle exec to your sidekiq and sidekiqctl calls, modify the SSHKit command maps in your deploy.rb file:

SSHKit.config.command_map[:sidekiq] = "bundle exec sidekiq"
SSHKit.config.command_map[:sidekiqctl] = "bundle exec sidekiqctl"

Customizing the monit sidekiq templates

If you need change some config in redactor, you can

bundle exec rails generate capistrano:sidekiq:monit:template

If your deploy user has no need in sudo for using monit, you can disable it as follows:

set :sidekiq_monit_use_sudo, false


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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