Migration of Brigadehub hosted site back to Jekyll
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Code for San Francisco's website

Brigadehub, the current host of codeforsanfranciso.org is retired we desire to find a new long term solution to host the website. The current thought is to move back to using a static site generator, Jekyll. This repository is attempt at that. It is now live at codeforsanfrancisco.org.

Heavily inspired by Chi Hack Night's website.


  • Install the version of Ruby specified in .ruby-version
    • Usage of rbenv recommended
    • gem install bundle
  • Install yarn (used for managing external asset libraries (like Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.)
  • Run make

If you add a new external resource, be sure to add lines to the relevant Makefile target to copy them into css/vendor and js/vendor.


Several scripts are included to facilitate synchronizing data to/from the site and external sources. Relevant scripts are highlighted below:


This script is used to update a Meetup.com event with the description and metadata specified in the corresponding markdown document in the _events/ collection. It should be run any time an event is updated. We would like to automate this in the future.