A small app to check for soil status in San Francisco.
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A small app to check whether lots are in a liquifaction zone. An SF Brigade project.

This app will live at www.sfcapss.org/softstory, allowing property owners to check whether they are in certain zones. We're doing this because the City of San Francisco recently passed an ordinance requiring a some homes to undergo mandatory retrofits, making these mostly large apartment buildings safer in an Earthquake. Building owners have to follow a timeline for retrofitting, part of which is determined by soil status.

Use on your site

To add the form itself to a webpage, copy everything between <body> and </body> (don't include the tags!). Paste into the area you want your form to go.

To add the javascript, copy everything between <script> and </script>. Paste into the section after </body>, inside the <script> tag.

Finally, add the CSS. Copy everything between <style> and </style> (it's up at the top). Paste into the <style> section in the head.